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We are so glad that you have dropped by to view our SEW SEW cute designs! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us! We do offer instant download and account history! So, if you ever misplace those fabulous designs you can always log back in and get them. We want to be one of your sites you have to check to see what designs and ideas are popping up and new! Thanks for stopping by and as always, happy stitching!

    • Do you offer instant download?

    • What kind of appliques are these?

    • Can I use your pictures for my site?

    • Are your designs copyrighted?

    • Do you create custom designs

    • Can I sell items I make with your designs?

    • Do you offer refunds?

    Do you offer instant download? top

    Yes, we sure do!  Instant download is available as well as account history.  Download links are good for 5 days.  The designs in your "Your Downloads" account do not expire.  

    What kind of appliques are these? top

    These appliques are for embroidery machines.  You MUST have an embroidery machine to utilize these files.  These designs are NOT orderable for a finished product.

    Can I use your pictures for my site? top

    Yes, you can use my pictures of designs for your site or to offer your customers.  I just ask that you don't use them for your profit or to claim work on my site as yours.  They may be used only for your promotion of items with my designs or to generate interest for purchase.  Watermarks for my website may NEVER be cropped out.  I will ask that these be removed and will be reported if I find an infringement.

    Are your designs copyrighted? top

    Yes, I do use some clipart with the approval of the designer to use for embroidery designs that I digitize.   Most of my designs are hand-drawn by ME.  You do not have permission to change, share, resale, duplicate, or anything else for your profit.  You CAN use my designs on your items for sale but not for large scale distribution.  Items must be limited to less than 100 of each unique item.  If you have any questions about this, please ask.   How you choose to market your product may be limited to other copyright infringements or limitations.  It is necessary to contact specific marketing departments of different schools or agencies prior to production and distribution of products for sale and monetary gain.  Many schools require crafter licenses or other specific licenses before making an item team specific.  If you are adding wording to the design this does constitute changing of my design and original format.

    Do you create custom designs top

    Yes, I do.  However, many logos that are sent or requested to be digitized are protected by trademark or copyright laws.  YOU will be responsible to obtain the ok to use the design that I am servicing for digitizing services.  It will be assumed you have this understanding to protect your work and sale of such work upon accepting your order.

    Can I sell items I make with your designs? top

    The pretense of your purchase is for personal use only however, you may sell up to 50 items with the same design.  These designs are not to be used to infringe copyrights or trademarks of institutions.  If you are profiting from sale of even one item you make with a design, it is necessary for you to research appropriate crafters licenses or specific licenses needed by each institution or business.

    Do you offer refunds? top

    No, on all digital download products, I do not offer refunds under any circumstance.  If you have questions, please ask all of these prior to purchase.

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