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We are so glad that you have dropped by to view our SEW SEW cute designs! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us! We do offer instant download and account history! So, if you ever misplace those fabulous designs you can always log back in and get them. We want to be one of your sites you have to check to see what designs and ideas are popping up and new! Thanks for stopping by and as always, happy stitching!

Wingdings are available for shoe sizes up to a size 3 child's size.  The holes are placed so they work in most shoes.  All shoes tested were able to accomodate Wingdings.
Wingdings were developed by Just Sew Pretty in a variety of themes for your little ones.  Copyrights have been initiated and patent is pending.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  Instructions for flawless and easy construction will be included.  Tutorial to follow with pictures.  These are SUPER easy and SUPER fast to make on your embroidery machine!!
So, you have seen our fun chevron frames :)  Are you wondering how in the world you can do that and only take it off the machine to cut ONE time?  Well, it is easy!! 
Step 1 is placement
Step 2 is a tackdown for your first fabric choice
Step 3 is a tackdown for your second fabric choice (yes, they are in the same spots)
Step 4 is the tackdowns for the zig zags in the chevron----after this step you will cut around the outer edge of frame (both fabrics) and then you will cut away ONLY ONE fabric between the zig zags to create your chevron).  THIS IS EASIER THAN CUTTING THE CENTER OF A LETTER APPLIQUE like an "o" or an "a" or a "r".   Once you are done with the zig zag cutting it is time for your design to finish up. 
I personally like the zig zag finishes to be all the same color but the way I have it laid out you can change colors to alternate through the chevron.
The last step is your outer finishing step.
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